The door problem in Project Yara

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Are there doors in your game?
Yes loads of doors

Can the player open them
Can the player open every door in the game?
Yes all of them no exception this is a system based game
Or are some doors for decoration?
How does the player know the difference?
Can doors be locked and unlocked?
Yes all of them, both by player and NPC’s
What tells a player a door is locked and will open, as opposed to a door that they will never open?

Does a player know how to unlock a door?
This is the fourth thing introduced in the game (after movement, dialogues and item manipulation)
Do they need a key?
To hack a console?
To solve a puzzle?
Probably not as all doors need to be usable by NPC’s
To wait until a story moment passes?
Not really, in a way yes via gear gating
Are there doors that can opened but the player can never enter them?
Where do enemies come from?
There is no fighting is Project Yara

Do they run in from doors?
How does the player open a door?
Go near the door and press A. Use key to unlock/lock
Do they just walk up to it and it slides open?
Some of them might
Do doors lock behind the player?
No, unless a remote key is introduced
What happens if there are two players?
Project Yara is a single player game
What size is a door?
A door is just big enough to let one person in at a time
Does it have to be big enough for a player to get through?
What about allies following you?
In the case of project Yara NPC’s are able to open and close door alone. So that should be no problem.
How many of them need to get through the door without getting stuck?
Only one person at a time.

Door pixel art

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Door research

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Let’s begin with the most easily way to represent a door: A door that lets you navigate down in the depth layers but without the ability to come back.
These doors are beautifully represented in mario worlds:

I love this one partiular because it embeds the input prompt in its design:

Now let’s move on to another type of door: the door between two adjascent rooms in a side scrolling view.
Usually the best way to make sure your door looks like one is to use perspective:

Another perspective:

However some games choose not to have perspective for different reasons.
Entirely ditching perspective is dangerous because the door is more difficult to represent.
The opening animation is not really a problem and games have used a number of solutions in the past.
For example the classical ornate door in Castlevania:

Or the uplifting door in MegaManX:

The real problem being to identify the object as a door before the player runs into it!

And here is Gokham

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20 pixels high Anouk!

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Low res Yara for a prototype

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Petite Comète Trailer

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Clic Here to view the trailer

My favorite games

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The path :

Platform: PC
Link : official web site

Before your journey begins you must choose a little red riding hood. The game lets you pick between a number of “stereotype”, a shy girl always on the phone, a red haired tomboy, a sexy Spanish girl, the little red riding hood herself (as most of us imagine her) and a few others.
Then you are left on the road to grandma’s, but of course you won’t resist exploring the woods… Many things can be found in the woods that will help you discover the story behind that girl. Soon you will meet the wolf, her wolf in fact because every girl has her own wolf, the goal of the game beeing to meet the wolf of the girl you have chosen. When you are finally in front of it, it is always difficult to make the final move because you know something bad will happen, but you do it anyway because you are curious.
I absolutely love that game because each time you meet a wolf it engage you on a personal level, the level of your own life experience. And I believe that the more you have lived the more this game will move you.
Warning: This game is quite tough to get into, there is very little hand holding therefore only the most patient players will be able to ignore its obvious flaws.



Platform: PS2, PS3
Link : official web site

Playing Ico I felt like fighting mattered. That I was doing all this for something, I was doing it for her..


Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, and a many others
Link: Official site

Whenever someone asks me about a game for their kids, I answer Minecraft.
Why ? Because kids absolutely love it, they can get madly creative ! And you can set up a server to play with them !
Minecraft is probably the game I played most this year. I like building stuff.

Skyward sword

When I finish it the game will probably be on this list. Motion control rock !


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Un petit dessin fait pour ma soeur qui voulait une fée.

Trois jeux sympas à explorer

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captain Forever
Sleep Is Death